Surfaces for Businesses

Cheltenham Surfacing is a family-run firm with 50 years’ experience in all areas of tarmac surfacing, road construction and maintenance. We help businesses build, repair and maintain the vital outdoor surfaces at their premises.

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First Impressions

Car parks, forecourts, access roads, paths, and storage yards – all give a valuable first impression to customers and visitors. We can deal with the cracks, potholes, illegible line markings and inadequate drainage that restrict access and cause health and safety issues.

Layout Change

New buildings or extensions mean changes in access for vehicles and pedestrians as well as additional car parking. We can provide the new hardwearing well-designed surfaces you need at your premises.

Specialist Sectors

Sports, aircraft, transport, farming and equestrian – all sectors needing additional durable surfacing. We have experience in all these areas including racetracks and helipads.

We have accreditation to NRSWA (New Roads and Street Work Act) to carry out drop kerbs and other necessary changes.